Authmade, in collaboration with the NBA & WNBA, announces their highly anticipated second collection, "So I Can Dream". This collection marks a significant milestone in Authmade's journey towards cultural inclusivity and storytelling through fashion to celebrate Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs) Cultural Heritage.

This season the brand shifts its focus from the past to the future, narrating a story of ambition, perseverance, and intergenerational sacrifice. Authmade honors the sacrifices made by our parents to provide opportunities for their children- showcasing the dreams that are being envisioned and realized today. While last season focused on our past with Family Heirlooms, this season aims to focus on our future, depicted by the cloudy dreamscapes.

The collection features heavyweight tees and pullover hoodies adorned with graphics inspired by traditional Asian artwork. Continuing the theme, a Sukajan Jacket rounds out the collection. This souvenir jacket features embroidered artwork, rope piping, NBA and Authmade patchwork on a gold and navy satin body.

Jason Vu, Creative Director of Authmade, aims to honor our heritage, celebrate our aspirations, and inspire a new generation to dream boldly and unapologetically. Vu says “this collection is a tribute to the resilience and creativity of the API community, and we are proud to share it with the world.”

Authmade’s “So I Can Dream” Collection is now available on,, and Collection can also be found in-store at the NBA Store in New York, Houston, London, and Paris. A portion of the proceeds will go to Apex for Youth, a nonprofit empowering underserved Asian and immigrant youth. For more information, please visit